Beeson Law:
Criminal Defense Lawyer

An experienced criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor fighting for you and your family, providing the respect and dedication you deserve.

Beeson Law:
Criminal Defense Lawyer

An experienced criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor fighting for you and your family, providing the respect and dedication you deserve.

An experienced criminal defense attorney fighting for you and your family, providing the respect and

dedication you deserve.

Beeson Law LLC

Since law school, I knew I wanted to be in a courtroom. While studying law at Villanova University, I learned that I had a natural comfort and ability in court when I competed against my peers for a spot on the Villanova National Trial Team- making the roster. My training at Villanova eventually led to my career in criminal law, which allows me to utilize my abilities in the courtroom.

For nearly 7-years, I worked as a criminal prosecutor in Montgomery County, rising through the ranks, eventually earning the title of Captain of the unit dedicated to the investigation of sexual assault and domestic violence. During my time at the district attorney’s office, I appeared before judges on thousands of occasions, litigated numerous jury trials, bench trials and pretrial motions.

Today I am using my skills to help those in need when they face the immense power of the government. Criminal prosecution can take away a person’s job, reputation and freedom. Since the fall of 2021, I worked as a criminal defense attorney, helping individuals and families when they are in desperate need of support. Nothing is more important to me than providing dedicated, responsive and informed counsel to those who ask for my help. With my background, I know I am uniquely situated to provide strategic advice, and I do that for every one of my clients. 

Beeson Law LLC in Chester County, PA

Another thing I have learned is that a client needs an attorney who will be there for them and who will pick up the phone when called. I pride myself on being responsive and treating my clients with dignity. If you need help, call right away. I promise to do everything in my power and experience to protect you and your family.


Driving Under the Influence

In Pennsylvania, you can be charged with a DUI whether you are actively driving a vehicle or not. Many individuals are  charged with a DUI for simply sitting in a parked vehicle with the keys in their pocket- the keys don’t need to be in the ignition. In my career I have investigated, prosecuted and defended well over 1000 DUI cases. Some are standard but many leave room for argument and further analysis by an experienced defense attorney. Driving under the influence is a common criminal charge, but it is still extremely serious and it can have an immediate impact on a person’s job and therefore their life.

Domestic Violence

Alleged crimes of domestic violence can erupt without warning, in the heat of the moment, and there will always be two sides to the story. An individual accused of domestic violence is immediately thrown into an arena where they are immediately painted as a horrible person, without any opportunity to explain their side of the story. As a former domestic violence prosecutor, I know firsthand, through investigations and trials, that there are always two sides to these events and the facts are never simple. If you are accused of an incident of domestic violence, call right away and we will prepare a strategic defense.

Child Pornography Offenses

Individuals are rarely put on notice that they are under investigation for possession of child pornography. It is an unexpected and terrifying revelation when the police knock on your door with a search warrant and there is nothing you can do to prevent them from entering and seizing nearly every electronic device found within the home. Make no mistake, when the police enter your home, they are going to want to speak with you about the basis of the warrant and ask questions. In that moment, you have a right to respectfully tell the officer or detective that your preference is to speak with counsel before making any statements. The proper defense of a child pornography case involves an analysis of the probable cause to search the home and a subsequent analysis of the conclusions and findings made by the investigating detectives. I authorized dozens of search warrants for homes and electronic devices as a sex crimes prosecutor. As a defense attorney, I have handled numerous child pornography cases. The DA’s office handles these matters consistently. Sometimes, it is important to show that a client is undergoing treatment during the course of the case, to communicate to the assistant district attorney that you are deserving of a mitigated offer. If you are under investigation for these offenses or if you have been charged, call right away to discuss the best defense available.

Sex Assault and other Sex offenses

I was captain of the unit that prosecuted domestic violence and sexual assault. If you are the target of a sexual assault investigation you need counsel immediately. In Pennsylvania, sex offenses are one of the few remaining areas of crime where there are still substantial mandatory penalties, such as 5-10 or 10-20 years in a state correctional institution. Depending on the timing of the disclosure and the circumstances, it might be possible to proactively defend a case. To take witness statements before charges are brought, to present the Commonwealth with evidence that contradicts a disclosure, which might prevent a criminal complaint. As soon as an individual has a complaint of sexual assault made against them, no statements should be made, whatsoever, except to counsel. Sex cases are unique and any statements made by the defendant are tremendously important to the Commonwealth. More so than in other cases where there is typically more evidence of the crime committed. Do not make any assumptions if you are accused of sexual assault, call an experienced attorney immediately.

Protection From Abuse Orders

A protection from abuse (PFA) order can have an immediate impact on a person’s employment and home life, especially if the Order requires an individual to vacate a home. The process is rapid and the party that is enjoined by the (PFA) cannot fight it until their final PFA hearing. PFA Orders are issued through the family courts, however, the violation of a PFA triggers an Indirect Criminal Contempt hearing, which is punishable by up to 6-months incarceration. In my career I have handled hundreds of PFA matters. Fortunately, the fact that PFAs and ICC’s are controlled by the family law courts leads to a more open forum for negotiation, compared to the criminal arena. An experienced attorney will know the language and how to properly negotiate the resolution of any PFA matter. If negotiations fail a contested hearing should be held to avoid the imposition of a final PFA. Any client will benefit from an experienced trial attorney for a PFA matter.

Theft offenses and Economic crimes

In Pennsylvania, theft offenses and other economic crimes are typically graded as misdemeanors, but they can increase to a felony depending on the amount in question and the age of the victim. Some lower-level thefts offenses could be pled down to a summary offense, but this would require a very small amount in question and a lack of prior record score. Retail theft offenses in Pennsylvania stack over time- meaning, if the person is charged with their 3rd or subsequent retail theft, it will be graded as a felony of the 3rd degree. Retail theft can also be a felony of the 3rd degree if  the amount in question exceeds $1,000 or if the merchandise involved is a firearm or a motor vehicle. Theft offenses also leave open the possibility of a 586 disposition, which is the dismissal of charges upon the satisfaction of an agreement with the Commonwealth. For first time offenders that do not qualify for the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program, a 586 resolution would be a great path forward. Theft and Economic crimes are, for the most part, low level and therefore leave room for negotiations. If you are charged with a theft offense, call right away for experienced advice on negotiations or defense tactics.

Drug Offenses and Drug Delivery

No matter the jurisdiction, District Attorneys and the Assistant District Attorneys who they employ take drug possession and drug delivery charges very seriously. Drug addiction is a reality that county prosecutors are familiar with and with the appropriate approach, a defendant’s battle with substance abuse can be communicated to the prosecutor in an attempt to lessen charges. Many times, drug addiction progresses to drug delivery, which is a much more serious crime than drug possession. All forms of drug delivery are a felony, it doesn’t matter if the person is dealing marijuana or heroin. If possible, the most effective tactic to defeat a drug possession or delivery case is a motion to suppress. Contact us immediately and we will help you analyze your case and prepare to fight to suppress the evidence against you.

Burglary, Simple Assault and Aggravated Assault

Burglary, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, and Simple Assault are commonly recognized as “major crimes,” by the office of the District Attorney. Depending on the facts of the case, Burglary, Robbery, and Aggravated Assault could result in a state prison sentencing recommendation from the prosecutor’s office. If that is the case, a trial becomes a much more probable possibility in order to avoid significant incarceration. These trials commonly involve suppression motions, experts, potential arguments regarding self-defense, and consistent attacks on the credibility and the weight of the evidence. Additionally, it almost always makes the most sense to take a case like this to a jury trial. During a jury trial, the Commonwealth needs to persuade every juror, beyond a reasonable doubt that they have sufficient evidence to convict. The defense only needs one juror to hold out and a mistrial will be declared. Call today for a consultation with an experienced trial attorney who is familiar with the Commonwealth’s tactics in court.

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