Former Prosecutor –  Experienced, Trusted & Dedicated Criminal Defense Attorney.

My name is Nicholas K. Beeson. I am a graduate of the Villanova University School of Law and a former assistant District Attorney in the Montgomery County PA District Attorney’s office . Ultimately, I rose to the level of Captain, in charge of the unit that investigated and prosecuted cases involving domestic violence and sexual assault. Today, I am applying my years of training and experience as a criminal prosecutor and supervisor to my career as a criminal defense attorney, working every day to fight for and protect my clients.

For nearly 7-years, as an assistant district attorney, I was directly involved in the investigation and prosecution of thousands of criminal offenses, including driving under the influence, drug offenses, violent crimes, domestic violence, sexual assault, burglary, robbery, and economic crimes. Over those years, I gained extensive experience investigating potential criminal cases, making charging decisions, and prosecuting cases before a jury or judge. This experience left me very well prepared to represent clients, protecting them to the best of my ability and ensuring justice is done in every case.

The Commonwealth has an enormous amount of power. A criminal investigation can leave a long-lasting and detrimental impact on a career, relationships, and life at home. For that reason, if you are the target of a criminal investigation or charged with a criminal offense, you will need experienced and capable counsel immediately. My time as a prosecutor leaves me uniquely prepared to fight for and protect my clients because I have thorough, first-hand experience investigating and prosecuting the crimes they are facing. I work tirelessly to develop aggressive defense strategies for my clients, to protect what matters most to them.

 Chester County, PA Former Prosecutor -  Experienced, Trusted & Dedicated Criminal Attorney.

After my work at the District Attorney’s office, I immediately began working as a criminal defense attorney for a high-volume criminal defense law firm. While there, I was asked to manage and defend some of the most serious cases that came into the office. In the end, I handled hundreds of matters including, driving under the influence, drug possession and drug delivery, violent crimes, firearms crimes, sexual assault, possession of child pornography, burglary, robbery and theft crimes. I enjoyed the work immensely, and after 16-months representing clients in criminal matters decided to open my own practice.

All my life I have considered myself to be an empathetic person, a trait I carry with me as a defense attorney. When I sit down with a client to discuss a case, I immediately want to do a great job for them because I sense how important their case is to them and their family. As your attorney, I promise to work tirelessly to apply every bit of my experience in the courtroom to develop the strongest possible defense.



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