Exton, PA Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney Exton, PA

Here in Exton, PA, citizens are charged with criminal offenses every day. Nick Beeson works hard and closely with all of his Exton PA clients to perform at the highest level in defense. Hiring an experienced, knowledgeable attorney like Nick will not only increase your chances of justice but also educate you on the process. Through every step of your case, Nick will provide professional transparency. His professionalism is shown by his glowing reviews on Google. Contact Nick Beeson today to learn more about how he can assist you in your legal journey. Get the results you deserve and desire here in Exton, PA, with Beeson Law LLC.

Exton, PA Criminal Defense Attorney
Exton, PA Drug Possession Defense Attorney

Exton, PA Drug Possession & Delivery Defense Attorney

When facing drug charges in Exton, PA, a number of factors can influence the court’s decision. The type of drug, the amount in possession, past convictions, and intent can all play a role in determining the charges. Intent determines whether the defendant intended to deliver or distribute the drug.

Penalties for simple possession include a maximum of one year in prison and a maximum fine of $5,000 for a first offense. If you have a previous conviction, this is increased to a maximum of three years in prison and a maximum fine of $25,000. Charges for “possession with intent to deliver” are more severe and can vary depending on the drug.

Beeson Law is a seasoned drug possession defense attorney in Exton, PA. Nick Beeson helps clients develop a solid defense against drug charges. When so many factors are at play, it is important to consult with a legal professional who can arrange the evidence to support your case. Call Nick Beeson today.

Trusted Exton, PA Criminal Defense Attorney

When you face criminal charges here in Exton, PA, you will be in court within Chester County. Nick Beeson has actively worked as a criminal prosecutor and currently practices criminal defense. Having an attorney who sees both sides of your case and how it will be built against you is vital. Nick’s experience and knowledge collected over the years in prosection here in Exton, PA, can be used to build your defense plan. Learn more about Nick Beeson and his time practicing law in Exton, PA, by calling today. Nick’s time spent in Exton, PA, has made him very familiar with the local law and how situations tend to be ruled out. Having a locally trusted attorney can be the advantage you need to get the results you deserve.

Trusted Local Exton, PA Lawyer
Top Exton, PA DUI Lawyer

Exton, PA DUI Defense Lawyer

Exton, PA, is home to numerous bars, restaurants, plazas, cinemas, and other nightlife entertainment establishments. One fun night on the town can turn into your worst Nightmare. Waking up the next morning to thoughts about losing  employment, having a criminal record, the list goes on. Beeson Law LLC understands the severity you may be feeling when searching online for a DUI attorney. We’re here to develop a strategic legal plan with all the evidence we can collect. Building an educated and evidence-built legal defense plan for your case is vital. Speak to Nick about the night and exactly what happened leading up to the DUI charges. Each case is unique, yet our goal here at Beeson Law remains the same, providing our clients with the maximum defense possible. Talk to Nick today.

Criminal Defense Services in Exton, PA

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, you need an experienced and dedicated legal advocate by your side. Our skilled criminal defense attorney is here to provide your with guidance and support. Whether you’re facing charges related to DUI, drug offenses, assault, or any other criminal matter, we will work tirelessly to build a strong defense strategy tailored to your specific case. Contact us today to get a confidential consultation and fight for your rights.

Beeson Law provides legal services to help local residents build a case against theft charges in Exton, PA. Nick Beeson has handled countless cases involving theft over his years as a criminal defense attorney. Theft is a broad term that includes many subcategories with varying consequences.

Criminal Defense Lawyer, Exton, PA
DUI Attorney Services in Exton, PA

DUI Attorney Services in Exton, PA

If you need an experienced DUI attorney with an extensive track record of helping clients either get their DUI expunged or lesser penalties, then you need Nick Beeson in Exton, PA. Nick Beeson was a former prosecutor who decided to help local residents of Exton, PA, with criminal defense. DUI laws in Exton, PA, are not always as simple as they seem; even if you are sitting in your car without it running, you can still be written up for a DUI if your keys are in your pocket or in your person. Call our office if you need help with an upcoming DUI case.

Sexual Assault and Sex Offenses Legal Help in Exton, PA

As a former prosecutor and captain of a unit that prosecuted domestic violence and sexual assault cases, I know that if you are the target of a sexual assault investigation, getting immediate counsel can make a major difference. In Exton, PA, sexual offenses carry a mandatory penalty of between 5 and 20 years in a state correctional institution. If you have been accused of a sexual offense crime, time is something that becomes far more valuable.

In order to build a proactive case for you, we need as much time to prepare before the disclosure. Do not assume anything when being accused of a sexual crime; prepare with the best in Exton, PA, and call Beeson Law.

Sexual Assault and Sex Offenses Legal Help in Exton, PA
Domestic Violence Lawyer in Exton, PA

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Exton, PA

Alleged crimes of domestic violence can occur with minimal warnings between the parties. There are always two different stories. If you are accused of committing domestic violence, the repercussions can be immediate. The person accused is generally painted as a terrible person without the proper ability to defend themselves. It is important that if you are dealing with a domestic violence case, you are properly prepared with the best legal console in Exton, PA.

As a former domestic violence prosecutor, I know the importance of getting all of the facts. If you have been accused of committing domestic violence in Exton, PA, call our office right now so we can better form a strategic defense.

Theft By Deception in Exton, PA

Burglary Defense Attorney Exton, PA

If you have been charged with burglary-related crimes here in Exton, PA, it is important to seek guidance from an experienced lawyer. Nick has worked closely with his clients here in Exton, PA, located in Chester County, for years. Call Beeson Law LLC.

Retail Theft in Exton, PA

Retail Theft Lawyer Exton, PA

Retail theft in Exton, PA, includes shoplifting, transferring merchandise into different containers, altering price tags or labels, under-ringing items, or damaging control tags. The charges for retail theft in PA include fines, misdemeanors, and felonies depending on the value and type of stolen goods. Beeson Law can provide you with attorney services to fight retail theft charges in Exton, PA.

Theft By Unlawful Taking in Exton, PA

White Collar Crime Lawyer, Exton, PA

When it comes to white-collar crime, what you hear from local Exton, PA, law enforcement might seem like an area in the grey. If you have been charged with white-collar crime here in Exton, PA, it is important to refrain from discussing the situation with anyone but your attorney. These cases are evidence-driven and usually involve two parties. Before talking to anyone, including law enforcement, contact a white-collar crime defense attorney. Build a strategy of defense starting today, called Beeson Law.



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