Main Line, PA Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney Main Line, PA

 At Beeson Law, we believe that everybody deserves the opportunity for strong legal representation. If you are faced with criminal charges, it is common to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what steps to take next. As a Criminal Defense Attorney, Nick Beeson defends the rights of the accused in Main Line, PA.

With a respectable background in law, Nick Beeson has the experience to develop a defense that protects your rights and optimizes your legal position. Whether you are accused of CP, Sexual Assault, Theft, Economic, or Drug Crimes, Nick Beeson is eager to assist in your case. Justice begins here.



Criminal Defense Attorney Malvern, PA
Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Exton, PA

Local Main Line, PA Criminal Defense Attorney

Violent crime charges in Main Line, PA, can carry serious consequences. Cases involving Domestic Violence can be particularly complex and they can involve significant implications for the accused. Parents, in particular, risk losing custody of their children. If you have domestic violence allegations, it is vital that you seek the assistance of a seasoned Domestic Violence Attorney who understands the intricacies of the law.

Nick Beeson is a seasoned criminal defense attorney with a specialty in violent crimes. Beeson Law has the expertise to guide you through the development of a robust defense against such charges, allowing you to approach the case with the confidence that comes with preparation. Nick Beeson handles any violent crime case in Main Line, PA, ranging from burglary to assault. Call today for professional legal assistance.

DUI Defense Attorney Main Line, PA

Facing a DUI charge in Main Line can have a large impact on your life. The consequences of DUI charges can vary depending on the situation. Outcomes range from fines and license suspension to imprisonment and a permanent criminal record. Nick Beeson assists defendants of DUI charges in Main Line, PA, providing dedicated and personalized legal support. Beeson Law works tirelessly to defend your rights and negotiate the ideal outcome for your circumstances. Nick Beeson is an experienced criminal defense attorney, giving him the knowledge and understanding of Pennsylvania DUI laws to defend your position. 

DUI Defense Attorney Main Line, PA
Sexual Offenses Defense Lawyer in Main Line, PA

Sexual Offenses Defense Lawyer in Main Line, PA

Hiring a sexual offenses defense lawyer in Main Line, PA, is extremely important for your legal defense. At Beeson Law, our lawyers have specialized experience dealing with cases related to sexual offenses. Nick Beeson understands the complexity of the law associated with sexual crimes in Main Line, PA, and is here to provide you with the best defense lawyers. Our team will work with you and create a strong defense strategy individualized to your particular case. We will work with you to protect your rights, the negation with prosecutors, and plea bargaining. Plea Bargaining can offer, in some cases, reduced charges for the best intent of the client. If you are dealing with a sexual offense case in Main Line, PA, and need the best coverage, then Nick Beeson and Beeson Law have you covered. Don’t hesitate to call today.


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