Newtown Square, PA Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney Newtown Square, PA

At Beeson Law, we are here to represent you in a criminal case. Nick Beeson has been assisting residents in the Newtown Square area as a Criminal Defense Attorney for years. We understand that each case may be different, that is why we work closely with our clients to develop a strong defense that is specific to your case. It is important to have an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney like Nick, help you prepare a thorough strategy to counter the prosecution.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Newtown Square, PA
Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Newtown Square, PA

Local Newtown Square, PA Violent Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney

Having a Criminal Defense Attorney is crucial for protecting your rights. When dealing with Violent Crimes in Newtown Square, PA knowledge of the legal system is very important. Violent Crimes are serious offenses that could potentially lead to prison sentencing. Many factors come into play when determining legal charges for a case like this including the presence of a weapon, the type of crime, and the unique circumstances surrounding your case. Luckily, Nick Beeson is a professional Criminal Defense Attorney that can help with all violent crimes in Newtown Square, PA. With a thorough understanding of Pennsylvania law, Nick Beeson is capable of defending your legal rights and advocating for your defense.

DUI Defense Attorney Newtown Square, PA

DUI charges happen often in Newtown, PA. When getting a DUI in Netwon, PA it is not the end of the world. Having a Criminal Defense Attorney allows you to have the best chance in court. By cross-examining the prosecution’s witness, challenging evidence and arguments, and having someone advocate for you, you will better your circumstances. Depending on the circumstances and any prior offenses, a DUI charge can result in fines, suspension of your license, imprisonment, and a permanent criminal record.

Nick Beeson works as a DUI Defense Attorney in Newtown, PA, giving defendants access to professional legal assistance. Nick Beeson is dedicated to protecting the rights of each client. If you are facing DUI charges, call today for expert legal guidance.

DUI Defense Attorney Newtown Square, PA


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