Mainline, PA

Probation Violation Lawyer

Mainline, PA Probation Violation Lawyer

If you’re on probation in Mainline, PA and violating your probation, you need an attorney who knows probation violations to prevent incarceration. In this article we’ll explain what a probation violation is and the consequences, and how an attorney can help you and defend you.

Mainline, PA Probation Violation Lawyers

  • Probation violations are technical (e.g. missing appointments, failed drug tests) and non-technical each with different legal consequences in Mainline.
  • Consequences for probation violations in Mainline, PA can be extended probation, fines, increased supervision and potentially jail time; repeated violations can get progressively worse and probation revoked.
  • An experienced Mainline, PA probation violation lawyer is key; they can minimize the damage, negotiate alternative penalties, present positive client facts and navigate the system to avoid incarceration.

What is a Probation Violation in Mainline, PA?

When an individual doesn’t follow the court’s orders during their probation period, that’s a probation violation in Mainline. In Mainline these can be from not doing what the court told you to do or doing what the court told you not to do. The most common reasons are failing to comply with a judge’s orders – missing appointments, failing drug tests or being charged with new crimes while on probation.

You need to know what and why of probation infractions. Violations are technical or non-technical (substantive) and each has its own consequences. Knowing these categories will help you manage your time on probation and avoid potential breaches that can complicate your status.

Mainline, PA Probation Violations Legal Help

Violations of probation are technical or non-technical here in Mainline.

Technical violations are:

  • Missing scheduled breath tests as part of administrative rules
  • Not doing community service as ordered by the court
  • Failing to submit breath or urine samples for testing
  • Operating a vehicle without authorization
  • Unable to pay fines as ordered by the court
  • Missing appointments with your probation officer

Substantive violations are more serious and usually mean you’re doing something illegal while on probation. These can be serious crimes that are felonies. Examples are:

  • Absconding from jurisdiction
  • Drinking alcohol while on felony DUI probation
  • New criminal behavior such as theft or drunk driving
  • Violating restraining orders


Both types of infractions can have serious consequences from extended supervision, increased fines or incarceration depending on the nature and seriousness of the violation during the probation.

Types of Probation | Mainline, PA

There are two types of probation: informal and formal, both with their own rules. Informal probation is less strict and may not require regular meetings with a probation officer. It may require you to pay fines or attend counseling sessions.

Informal probation is less strict and may not require regular meetings with a probation officer. Based on the crime committed and your record, this may also include drug testing and more supervision. Knowing your specific probation requirements is key to following them and avoiding violations.

Types of Probation | Mainline, PA


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