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If an individual is accused of sexual assault, they are immediately in a very dangerous position for four main reasons. First, if an individual goes to the police and alleges that another person sexually assaulted them the police do not need any additional evidence to charge. It is a difficult reality of these cases. Second, connected to the first point, the word of the alleged victim alone is sufficient evidence to convict a person of sexual assault. This means that the police do not need forensic evidence, they don’t need witnesses, simply put, under the laws of Pennsylvania, the world of the alleged victim alone is sufficient to convict a person of a sex crime. Third,sex crimes can trigger mandatory sentences, sometimes as high as 10-20 years.Finally, conviction of most sex offenses results in registration as a sex offender with the Pennsylvania State Police- Megan’s Law.

Investigation & Other Sexual Offenses

In addition to prosecuting individuals accused of sexually assaulting another person, the police proactively investigate and attempt to locate individuals who use the internet to communicate with underage people, with the intent of meeting for purposes of sexual gratification. The crime the police are attempting to charge is something known as Unlawful Contact and an attempt at the commission of other offenses. It is very important to remember, a person can be charge with a sex offense without ever setting foot in a room with an alleged victim. If the police can allege that a target took a “substantial step” towards the commission of a sexual assault, that person can be charged with a sex crime.

Detectives carry out these investigations through online postings, which an individual responds to. Next, a conversation takes place during which the detective impersonates a minor or perhaps someone who knows the minor. During the conversation, the detective and target will discuss what will happen, how much it will cost, where it will take place and timing. Ultimately, when the target goes to the set meeting place, police officers are waiting to make an arrest.

The officers and detectives are specially trained to handle sexual assault cases. The District Attorney’s office takes these cases very seriously and the consequences of a conviction are substantial. If you are contacted by law enforcement or learn that someone is accusing you of sexual assault, you absolutely need counsel right away. While I was a prosecutor, I specialized in these cases and I will apply my knowledge to immediately protect you and begin formulating a defense.

Sexual Assault Defense  Attorney Chester County, PA Services


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