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Theft Offenses Defense Attorney in Chester County, PA

 Theft Offenses Criminal Defense Attorney

Economic crimes, including theft offense such as retail theft, theft by deception, access device fraud and theft by unlawful taking, are significant offenses because they are considered to be crimes of dishonesty under the law, which can be used against you in the future if you are charged with another crime. Further, crimes of dishonesty can have immediate impact on employment opportunities and licenses, therefore, they need to be addressed immediately and aggressively.

Economic Crimes Defense Attorney

In many economic crimes, restitution is a major consideration. Restitution is the amount of money owed to an alleged victim of the theft offense. If there are factual issues to attack in a criminal case, those will of course be addressed. However, the reality of economic crimes is that there is a lot of paper or video surveillance to support the investigation, therefore, it is very important to have an experienced attorney who can negotiate on your behalf, to hopefully achieve a reduction in charges.

Over my nearly ten combined years as an assistant district attorney and a defense attorney, I handled over 1000 economic crimes cases. Those cases included, but are not limited to, retail theft matters, theft, credit card fraud, contractor fraud and theft by deception. If you are accused of an economic crime, I will apply my training and extensive experience to protect you to the best of my abilities.

Economic Crimes Defense  Attorney in Chester County, PA


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